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Call for Proposals (CFP) Guide

ICF Romania 2024 Conference encourages a mindshift related to how transformation of communities, organizations and society might take place by overcoming adversities, understanding better the resources we have and engaging people in collaboration.

Topics are covering a wide range of contributions related to the need of creating strong, adaptable communities of all sorts to navigate changes we are all confronted with. Highly recognized coaches having an international exposure and experience, experts in innovation, change agents of their communities and authors are invited to share and provide lectures and workshops in order to engage participants in an interactive process of learning. ​

​People, communities, organizations may adapt better and create added value by having more clarity around tendencies, perspectives, through empowerment and conscious choices. ​

​In our Conferences people connect, share and exchange experiences, learn and reflect on leadership practices. We promote exploration of human potential encouraging participants to become leaders of their own lives and communities, personal and professional.​

In 2024, ICF Romania Chapter Conference will be offered as both an in-person ( March 6th,2024) and a virtual event (March 7th,2024). The in-person event will take place in Bucharest. The virtual event will follow next day later with on-demand recordings of over 8 workhops sessions.

All speakers will need to present at the live event.

This CFP guide will provide you with important guidelines for constructing your session proposal. Please carefully review the information and consider how your subject matter expertise, experience and skills can best be used to help us deliver a one-of-a-kind conference. Preference will be given to proposals that reflect the best thinking in the field based on theory, research, and practice, and provide opportunities for optimal participant engagement.

If you feel your subject matter expertise and facilitation skills are a great fit for this event, we invite you to apply now at SPEAKER INTENTION

After expressing your intention to participate, you will receive the SPEAKER FORM via email.

  The deadline to submit your proposal is September 10th, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. (Bucharest).


ICF Romania Chapter Conference 2024 will include content in three key areas referred to as “themes.” Each content theme will have a unique feel and offer attendees diverse learning experiences/paths/objectives. Sessions offered within each theme will vary in audience, reflecting the diversity of constituencies within the coaching community.


evidence-based practices and theories that underpin coaching

Topic areas suggested (but not limited to):

  • Coaching education best practices.
  • Research studies.
  • Developing a coaching culture.

the future through examples of innovation, creativity, and impact.

Topic areas suggested (but not limited to):

  • Forecasting trends.
  • Models of innovation.
  • Social impact.
  • Coaching ethics.

new skills and techniques that elevate your expertise.

Topic areas suggested (but not limited to):

  • Skill development.
  • Mentor training.
  • Leadership development.


  • Coaching supervision.

90-minute workshop ( aprox 60 participants)

The 90-minute workshops (regardless of the number of presenters) must include individual and/or small group exercises that enable participants to put theory into practice and walk away with new ideas and/or tangible work products. For in person conference due to the participatory nature of these workshops, these sessions WILL NOT be recorded or made available for purchase as part of the virtual conference package

  • ICF Certified Members(ACC,PCC,MCC) in good stand are eligible to submit proposals.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in conducting workshops/conferences, demonstrated by recommendations Video footage (or YouTube channel) where you can showcase your communication skills and inspirational potential.
  • There is no proposal submission fee
  • Please respond to every question on the proposal. Incomplete submissions will not be considered under any circumstance. If you experience any difficulty in completing youapplication, please contact
  • If you are speaking about coaching and coaching skills, your session must reflect the ICF definition of coaching, the ICF Core Competencies, and the ICF Code of Ethics.
  • ICF Romania Chapter Conference 2024 attendees will represent diverse backgrounds and levels of experience. Your proposal should reflect the goals and learning objectives of this diverse audience.
  • You may submit only one (1) proposal. If additional proposals are submitted under the same name/contact, only the first proposal received will be considered. You may not submit one proposal and be a co-facilitator on another proposal.
  • All ICF RO Chapter Conference 2024 sessions will be offered in English/Romanian; simultaneous translation will not be available
  • ICF will provide templates for slide presentations and handout materials. If your session is selected, you must use the templates provided by ICF and comply with the brand guidelines provided to all presenters by ICF. All session materials must be free of any promotional material or reference to the presenter(s)’ business. Contact information may be provided on the final presentation slide.

*The ICF RO Chapter Conference Call for Proposals will be open from August 7 to September 10th, 23. The proposal submission deadline will not be extended for any reason, including technical issues. We advise you not to wait until the deadline to submit your proposal. Proposals submitted by email, fax or regular mail will not be considered.

  • Before send the proposal, please make sure you have read and understood the information provided above.
  • Submissions will be reviewed September 10-25 th, 2023. You will be notified of your submission’s status on or before September 30.
  • Please direct any questions regarding proposal submission to

The lead presenter for your proposal, you must agree to the terms and conditions in order for your session to be included in the ICF RO Chapter Conference. All terms of this Agreement apply to any additional presenters you may invite to participate.

  1. LEAD PRESENTER / CHANGES– I acknowledge that I am the lead presenter for this session and will be ICF Ro Chapter point of contact for all additional presenters, if any. As lead presenter, I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that ICF RO Chapter is provided accurate contact and biographical information for all presenters in my session. Any changes made in terms of speakers must be approved by ICF Ro Chapter.
  2. TECHNICAL AND AUDIO-VISUAL – I understand that ICF Ro Chapter will provide the following technical and audio-visual equipment: one projector, flipchart. If I have additional technical or audio-visual needs, they have been included in my proposal. I agree that if the item/s requested bear a cost for ICF Ro Chapter, the organisers will communicate this cost in writing and will only be booked once I confirm that I will cover the cost. Audiovisual and Technical requirements may differ depending on the Session Type and Room.
  1. DEADLINE DATE FOR PRESENTATION MATERIALS– I agree to provide ICF Romania Chapter my presentation materials no later than January 25thand to bring a copy of my audio-visual presentation with me at least one hour before my session on a USB flash drive.
  2. PRINTING AND PUBLICISING– I understand that ICF RO Chapter will publicise and promote each session and presenter by including brief descriptions online, in marketing materials. ICF RO Chapter reserved the right to edit all descriptive and biographical information as needed.
  3. PRESENTATION DATE– I agree to present the session as approved by the ICF Romania Chapter Organising Committee at the date and time referenced by the acceptance email. I understand that ICF RO CHAPTER retains the right to change the date/time of the session.
  4. TRAVEL EXPENSES– I understand that ICF Romania Chapter does not provide honoraria, accommodation or reimburse travel expenses.
  5. PRESENTATION MATERIAL– I agree that presentations may not be used to promote or sell products or services before, during, or after the session. I agree to present education material only.
  6. PRESENTATION TIME– I agree to stick to the allocated time for my presentation and/or workshop. I understand that if I exceed the time allocation, that the facilitator will end my session to ensure that the rest of the programme is not affected.
  7. MARKETING– I agree that I will not market my product/service/company No marketing will be included within the presentation.
  8. DEADLINE DATE FOR PRESENTATION MATERIAL SUBMISSION– I agree to provide all PowerPoint, video, audio, hand-outs and any other materials to be utilised during the session to ICF Romania Chapter in electronic format by the materials deadline, January 25,2025. The powerpoint presentation font will be no smaller than size 16.
  9. HAND-OUTS– If I require that hand-outs are to be distributed during the session:

11.1. I agree to provide my own printed copies of all materials distributed in the session.

11.2. I agree to provide printed copies of all materials to the organiser at least 12 hours before my presentation is due to take place, or on the morning of the day that I am to present, whichever is earlier.

12. DEFAULTING ON KEY DATES – I understand that if I am unresponsive to published key dates and other contact requests from ICF RO Chapter, my session may be replaced by an alternate session.

  1. Relevance of the Topic: We assess the degree to which the proposed presentation aligns with the overall theme of the conference, “Navigating Change: Creating Adaptable Communities.”
  2. Experience and Expertise: Points are awarded based on the speaker’s experience and expertise in the field of coaching and the proposed topic.
  3. Impact and Innovation: We analyze the level of innovation in the presentation proposal and its potential to have a positive impact on the participants.
  4. Interactive Approach: We evaluate the level of audience interaction and engagement proposed by the speaker during the presentation.
  5. Credibility and Recognition: We consider the speaker’s recognition and reputation within the coaching community and related fields.
  6. Inspirational Potential: We assess the speaker’s ability to inspire and motivate participants to develop their skills and achieve their goals.
  7. Value-Added Capability: We analyze how the proposed presentation can bring real value and benefits to the participants.
  8. Communication Skills: We consider the speaker’s communication qualities and their ability to convey complex information in a clear and captivating manner.

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    ICF Romania exists to lead the local advancement of the coaching profession.
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      ICF Romania exists to lead the local advancement of the coaching profession.
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