Dear all,

Every year, we invite new people to become Board Members, Associates or Ambassadors in ICF Romania. As we did before, time has arrived again to ask for your action and volunteering availability.
As our organisation is in a fast expansion and change period, we have some old, but also some new open volunteering positions and we are eagerly waiting for your applications.
The ICF Romania Charter Chapter is opening the application window for new volunteers today, March 19, 2021.

The application window closes on March 28, 2021, at 5 p.m. (Bucharest time)

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please reach out to the ICF Romania team at board@coachfederation.ro.

Candidates who have demonstrable achievement in the areas nominated below and are ICF Members in good standing, with paid membership up to date, are urged to apply. For Board positions, holding an active ICF Credential is compulsory.

For you to better understand what each position requires, we’ll make here a short description of open positions and also, feel free to read ICF Romania Bylaws.

There are seven open positions for the Board of Directors. Also, there are open positions for other important volunteering roles – Associates, Ambassadors and Community Builders, their number is not limited.

All current or previous Board members and Associates with less than 2 years’ experience in the Board of Directors can apply for these positions.

ICF ROMÂNIA– Open positions in the ICF Romania Board of Directors –

(conditions to apply: member of ICF Romania in good standing, with paid membership up-to-date, credential-holder)
Board Member

Director of Finance

- shall perform all the organisation's financial transactions and keep accurate records of the organisation’s accounts. They will submit financial reports in board meeting for review and approval when needed and will ensure that all expenditure is properly documented and accounted for and that budgets are prepared and agreed in advance of any expenditure. The Director of Finance will also submit an annual Chapter financial report to the ICF within thirty (30) days of the Chapter’s designated end of the fiscal year. In addition, they will give a financial report to the Board no less than once every six (6) months.
Board Member

Director of Operations

- will be in charge of all project management issues of the Chapter, in order to synchronise the activity of the departments, committees, task forces, core teams, ambassadors and community builders. S/he shall also maintain official minutes and records of the proceedings issued by the Board and the Organisation and will develop and maintain adequate knowledge management and record systems to include meeting agendas, minutes, policies, procedures, Board decisions, guidelines, and other proceedings of the Board and organisation membership.
Board Member

Director of Membership

- is responsible for growing and retaining membership and for developing effective ways of connecting with and reaching out to members. The Director will promote ICF membership with new graduates of coach training. This involves sharing information about the Chapter with the students and graduates in a timely fashion. He/she will coordinate with the Development Director for projects involving Ambassadors & Community Builders. S/he will maintain up-to-date lists and conduct membership renewal calls. They will be a point of contact for members enquiries and will provide a welcome to new members. They will encourage the members to continually develop their skill through ICF Credentialing and Accreditation Programs.
Board Member

Director of Communications and PR

- is responsible for building a strong media presence for ICF Romania and for developing effective PR and Branding strategies. S/he will undertake specific communication campaigns on behalf of the Chapter and aligned with ICF Global corporate guidelines. They will be responsible for developing media links and for identifying PR opportunities for the Chapter and Coaching profession. S/he will also be the point of contact for website updates and up-grades and newsletters. They will co-ordinate and develop Chapter’s social media presence.
Board Member

Director of Partnership and Fundraising

- shall connect with, present at, and build relationships with outside organisations, business leaders and associations in Romania to bring greater attention to the work of the Chapter, and to coaching as a profession and generate revenues. Connects with other ICF Chapters to share ideas and resources and engage them in Chapter activities (e.g., regional conferences or virtual events). Secures sponsorship and supports efforts to solicit sponsorship for chapter events. Supports coordination efforts and/or writes communication pieces for audiences external to the organisation. Keeps abreast of ideas and opportunities and brings them to the attention of the members and the Board.
Board Member

Director of Development

- role is to develop the team of Ambassadors and Community Builders (A&CB) and, together with this team, to ensure the implementation of the Chapter’s strategy granularly, al local level. Coordinates with other Directors in order to manage the A%CB team when a matrix organisational structure is required. The A&CB duties are described below.

Ethical Consultant

- will lead on promoting ethical and professional standards within the Board, Chapter and wider coaching community.

ICF ROMÂNIA– Open positions NOT in the Board of Directors –

(conditions to apply: member of ICF Romania in good standing, with paid membership up-to-date)


- this position is in charge with different task or projects from chosen area (Finance, Operations, Membership, Communications & PR, Events, Partnership & Fundraising, Development, Ethics) and works closely with the Department Director and other board members, community builders or ambassadors. Associates are not members of the Board of Directors.

Local Ambassadors & Community Builders

- They will represent and deliver strategy of ICF Romania Chartered Chapter at local level, coordinating locally with other volunteers, respecting all rules of engagement from work and ethical point of views. The two roles can be undertaken by a single person. All Ambassadors & Community Builders are represented in the Board by the Director of Development.


- represent ICF Romania in relationship with companies, organisations, NGOs, professional groups. This role is focused on increasing the presence and impact of ICF coaches in the local businesses and communities, by communicating, lobbying, initiating events and partnerships.

Community Builders

- represent ICF Romania in relationship with current and future ICF members. This role is focused on attracting new members, maintaining the connections with local members, initiating events for members or future members.

Deadline for applications: March 28, 2021.
Time for interview and selection process: March 29 – April 06, 2021
Time for voting process: April 07-11, 2021
Time for communication of final results: April 12, 2021

Applications sent via email will not be considered.
For any questions, please reach out to us at board@coachfederation.ro.

A full plate of volunteering energy is the full plate we are looking for!
See you there! 😊

ICF Romania Chartered Chapter Team

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      ICF România se poziționează în fruntea progresului local al profesiei de coach.
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